image of pantera saint-montaigne, owner of brooklyn mojo. Pantera is a Black woman with black glasses and is wearing a hand printed scarf of her design.

meet the maker

I'm Pantera and my magic is hand-printed textiles.

Brooklyn Mojo began in 2014 with a weekend screen-printing workshop that started my journey to printmaking.  After the workshop, I borrowed every screen-printing book I could find from the library. I was eager to keep learning and growing as a printer. My sketchbooks tell my story of trial-and-error, color craziness and weird doodles that became designs. 

Creativity is important to me. It’s life affirming and empowering to create something out of thin air.  Being part of an artistic community is also important to me. Learning new techniques, sharing ideas and collaborating with others… that’s where the magic begins. 

My magic is hand-printed textiles. Textiles tell a story of places, cultures and connection. Textiles remind me of journeys taken, of good food and good people breaking bread together. They add a festive touch to gatherings with my loved ones and friends. Nothing has to be fancy. Keeping things simple, colorful and cozy is my mission. 


Printing Process

Creating the eucalyptus print, from leaf to canvas.