Brooklyn Mojo

Hand-Printed Textiles and Homewares

Welcome to Brooklyn Mojo

Hi, I’m Pantera. I’m Brooklyn born-n-bred, so maybe that’s why I’ve always been attracted to the rhythm and excitement of city living, from the minute to the momentous. That fascination initially drew me to music; I’ve been a music maker for most of my life.

The artist in me loves the making part...of writing a song, being in the studio, working with kindred spirits....and through the process of trial and error, seeing beautiful work emerge that touches not only me, but everyone who encounters it. That creative spark is what I go for.

2013 was a year of two huge losses for me and as I waded through the resulting transition, music just couldn’t help me through as it had in the past. I love textiles - always have, always will - so I took a screen-printing workshop with Fred DiMeglio of Man v Ink and a whole new world opened up for me. 

Color, ink, screens, blocks, textiles…new possibilities were everywhere and I was in love! I became of member of Shoestring Press in Crown Heights and honed my craft. Getting dirty, learning printing/production techniques, finding inspiration in color and form, all gave me new ways to express myself creatively. The first time I lifted the screen and saw my print, I was hooked. The seeds of Brooklyn Mojo were planted and my new, “visual” music sprouted into life.

Hand-printed textiles give me joy and bring a touch of color-filled whimsy to my everyday living. It’s my deepest hope that I can bring that to your life too!