Brooklyn Mojo

Hand-Printed Textiles and Homewares

Hi, I’m Pantera, the heart and hands behind Brooklyn Mojo.

I was born and raised in beautiful BK and have been a music maker for most of my life.   In 2013, I took a screen printing workshop with Fred DiMeglio of Man v Ink and a whole new world opened up for me. The first time I lifted the screen and saw my print I was hooked and the seeds of Brooklyn Mojo were planted.  Brooklyn Mojo has sprouted into my “visual” music.

I love textiles, always have, always will. Getting down and dirty with screens, inks, carving blocks and fabric brings me joy!  My love of hand-printed textiles, especially kitchen towels, brings a touch of whimsy or a pop of color to my everyday living.  I can’t resist the allure of a new kitchen towel. They’re like catnip!


I often begin my designs by sketching, paper cutting or using Rubylith masking film to create a pattern.  After a design is finished, I head over to Shoestring Press to prepare my screens for printing. I work out of my home studio where I use water-based inks to screen print or block print onto 100% cotton textiles.