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​​Hi, I’m Pantera, the creator and maker behind Brooklyn Mojo, Inc. I'm a song-writing, song-singing, textile-printing gal from (you guessed it) Brooklyn, New York. 

I was born and raised in beautiful BK and have been a music maker for most of my life.  After losing both of my siblings to cancer in 2012/2013, I took a musical hiatus and I began looking for another way to express myself.  God bless, Fred DiMeglio of Man vs Ink! His silkscreen lessons opened a new door for me. The first time I lifted the screen and saw my print I was hooked and the seeds of Brooklyn Mojo were planted. 

Brooklyn Mojo has sprouted into my “visual” music. Getting down and dirty with screens, inks, carved blocks and fabric brings me joy.  I create hand-printed kitchen towels and fabric goods. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them. 


I channeled my inner domestic goddess to makeover the largest room of my apartment into a home studio.

After de-cluttering, painting, and visiting Ikea and Home Depot too many times to count,
a light-filled studio/office emerged.  

It is mission control for all of my printing endeavors.


Brooklyn Mojo, Inc.


I’m also a member of the fine art print shop, Shoestring Press in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where I work (and learn) alongside a talented tribe of printers.